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X-Wing model kits today

Illustration de l'attaque d'un destroyer stellaire impérial par une escadron de X-Wings

This post follows the… previous one which was about the different X-Wing model kits produced betqween 1977 and 2012, before the Disney purchase. Many things have change since this day, only the biggest companies still have the means to amortize thier investment. But this means not necessarily a decrease in quality as we will see further.

Posted on 1 October 2021 by petersteven in Analysis

X-Wing models : origins

X Wing trench run du Benjamin Carré

On my mind, the two most emblematic ships in the Star Wars movies are the Millenium Falcon and the X-Wing. A Star Wars models collector must absolutely have one of each. For both, many models are available. In this post, I will compare the X-Wing models, skills and flaws of each models being released since the beginning of times : 1977. I will show you some links to the websites I usually use to get them. Before beginning the post itself, I want to thank the famous Star Wars illustrator Benjamin Carré who allowed me to use his artworks to illustrate this post.

Posted on 22 June 2021 by petersteven in Analysis

Walkers in Star Wars : inventory

Les différents marcheurs apparaissant dans la saga Star Wars

In 1980, The Empire Strikes back introduce a brilliant concept which will remain in the entire saga : the combat walker. Walkers in Star Wars are traditionnally on the Empire or Old Republic side and look always the same as one or two big canons mounted on a number of legs designed to transport them on the battle field. The all thing displays a heavy armour plating. Even if the concept is totally foolish military speaking, it is really amazing in terms of cinematography.

Indeed, the stuff doesn’t hold water tactically. Walkers are slow and too little manoeuvrable. They always show a weak side that -thank the Maker- rebels always forgot to exploit. In short, some good old Star Wars.

I seize the opportuniy of my new diorama review of the battle of Hoth and its famous imperial AT-ATs to show you this article about every single walkers seen in Star Wars movies. You will learn everything about them : their name and function and all the movies where you can see them. Finally you’ll find a link to a Star Wars encyclopedia for more technical details.

Posted on 14 April 2021 by petersteven in Analysis

Take control

Dear visitors, today is a great day for you : you can now take control on Fantastic Modelers. At least a little. I’ve brought many improvements to the site. First, it is now faster than ever, at last I’ve learnt to code correctly (and took a good host…). No more mourning waiting hours that images or videos be loaded.

Then, I added new features making the website jump right into the XXst century :

Posted on 4 March 2021 by petersteven in Finished model, Site operation