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Take control

Dear visitors, today is a great day for you : you can now take control on Fantastic Modelers. At least a little. I’ve brought many improvements to the site. First, it is now faster than ever, at last I’ve learnt to code correctly (and took a good host…). No more mourning waiting hours that images […]

A naked DeLorean
and a flying Leia

Unless this is the opposite… After a little touching up on the website at the beginning of the year that took me a while, I finally find the time to write this post to show you two new entries : the flying DeLorean and a figurine of the princess Leia. I’m warning you, there is […]

Comics are now on Fantastic Modelers

Fantasy and sci-fi, born during the XIXe century with famous writers like Mary Shelley, Bram Stocker, Maupassant, Jule Verne or H.G.Wells have always been on all artistic supports. The seventh art of course, first art on this website with many Star Wars and Star Trek topics but today Fantastic Modelers goes to comics, the ninth […]

Imperial destroyer : evolution

After finishing a model, I like to write an analysis of the ship’s design, when it’s possible. I’ve already published an assembly review of the imperial destroyer here and in the Work In Progress posts. Two types of the project’s evolution that lead to the imperial destroyer as we know it can be distinguished : […]