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X-Wing model kits today

This post follows the… previous one which was about the different X-Wing model kits produced betqween 1977 and 2012, before the Disney purchase. Many things have change since this day, only the biggest companies still have the means to amortize thier investment. But this means not necessarily a decrease in quality as we will see […]

X-Wing models : origins

On my mind, the two most emblematic ships in the Star Wars movies are the Millenium Falcon and the X-Wing. A Star Wars models collector must absolutely have one of each. For both, many models are available. In this post, I will compare the X-Wing models, skills and flaws of each models being released since […]

Walkers in Star Wars : inventory

In 1980, The Empire Strikes back introduce a brilliant concept which will remain in the entire saga : the combat walker. Walkers in Star Wars are traditionnally on the Empire or Old Republic side and look always the same as one or two big canons mounted on a number of legs designed to transport them […]

Imperial destroyer : evolution

After finishing a model, I like to write an analysis of the ship’s design, when it’s possible. I’ve already published an assembly review of the imperial destroyer here and in the Work In Progress posts. Two types of the project’s evolution that lead to the imperial destroyer as we know it can be distinguished : […]