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Star Wars diorama vs Mars Attacks diorama

Le seigneur noir des Sith Dark Vador et un martien de Mars Attacks

Let me show not one but two dioramas. And they are not so much differents as they seem. The first one is a nice Star Wars diorama reprsentong the Dark Lord of the Sith himself boarding the princess Leia’s ship during a nice spring matinee.

The second one is an amazing Mars Attacks diorama made by philigore. The very first philigore’s diorama on Fantastic Modelers.

Do not hesitate one second on clicking on the pictures to go and see these two masterpieces and their WIP :

Darth Vader, the dark lord of the Sith
Mars attacks : victime trouvée

Why a Star Wars diorama and a Mars Attacks one in the same post ?

Why not writing two posts, one for each ? First, let me tell you I don’t really like indescreet questions like that.

Well, let’s say that those two dioramas shows many similarities :

  • Darth Vader and John-Louis the martian guy both wear a helmet and an armor
  • They have a huggly face under their helmet
  • The stormtrooper is not as eviscerated as the cop but seems really dead anyway
  • There is a door in the background
  • The stormtroopers and the martians hold big blaster rifles

And this is quite something. Well, in short go and take a look on these two dioramas and tell me what you think about them in the bellow comments :

And that’s it.

Posted on 8 December 2021 by petersteven in Finished model

bouton orange bouton bleu contour bouton

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