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Inside the Millenium Falcon (1)

In this post, we go inside the Millenium Falcon. I’ll show you the beginning of the Millenium Falcon DeAgostini inner sections’ creation. I’m making all those section from scratch. The ship’s holds, the gun turrets, the corridors etc. The work is gigantic and Im’ going to be pushed on my limits. I’ve already talked about […]

Imperial Star Destroyer (3) :

After talking about the optical fiber and the Arduino programming, last WIP for this build up : the Imperial Star Destroyer paint job. Two major challenges in this paint job : the model is single-coloured (in fact that’s not totally true but that’s the most common representation) and the colour is hard to define : […]

Imperial Star Destroyer (2) :
Arduino card in scale modeling

A few weeks ago I began to make an Star Wars imperial star destroyer. I decided to educate my self on the Arduino cards. These cards allow to upload a program wich runs automatically as soon as the card is powered. I won’t explain here the all card operation ; if you’re interested you can […]

Imperial star destroyer (1) :
optical fiber in scale modeling

Giving life to a model as the Imperial Star Destroyer from Star Wars cannot be sufficiently achieved by just assembling the model “out of the box”, it is necessary to light it up. I’ve already talked about lighting up a model on Fantastic Modelers but never using optical fiber. Optical fiber in scale modeling allows […]