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A naked DeLorean
and a flying Leia

Unless this is the opposite…

After a little touching up on the website at the beginning of the year that took me a while, I finally find the time to write this post to show you two new entries : the flying DeLorean and a figurine of the princess Leia. I’m warning you, there is butt…

A princess Leia with just one small cloth…

The opportunity for philigore to inaugurate the “pin-up” category. I already told you philigore loved naked women. Huge innovation, this sculpture is computer generated. No dirty clay, no finger prints on this one : philigore made it with his little computer and sculpted the Leia figurine under Z-Brush. Then he 3D printed it with his resin bath printer SLA.

Those printers works on a clever basis : the 3D object is virtually sliced. An UV image of each slice is then thrown in a resin bath. Where the UV focus (where the image is thrown), the resin polimerizes. Then, the image of the further slice move forward in the bath and so on. Each slice having a 50 µm thickness, we can recreate any 3D object small enough to fit in the bath.

Il leave you to be the judge of the result (just clic on the picture):

…and a flying DeLorean

The DeLorean don’t need to be presented anymore (since I’ve already done it here). Well, it’s less sexy (or not) but it’s still does it. You’ll se in this post how I transofrmed a simple time machine DeLorean into a flying time machine DeLorean.

The big challenge came from the weight of the car : more than 11 kg. I had to perform some tricks to build a hanging stand that could support the model. Just clic on the picture to discover how I took up the challenge :

DeLorean Eaglemoss mark 2 - rear view

Posted on 3 February 2021 by petersteven in Finished model

bouton orange bouton bleu contour bouton

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