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  • Princess Leia figurine

  • A Princess in Love

The context

illustration de la Princesse Leïa

Leia, the loving princess

When I surf ont the net, I often find beautiful pictures that get my attention. I gather them into a file and this time I found it on Facebook, a fanart made by an unknown artist which inspired me.

On this beautiful picture, we can see the pretty princess Leia wearing very light clothing : only the shirt of this good-for-nothing Han Solo, with the holster and the famous gun.

We can easily figure out that she didn’t brush only wookies hair the all night.

The picture remains beautiful, a little bit erotical but not coarse. Just as I like.


The projet

portrait de la princesse Leïa

3D sculpture

le début du sculpt

First, I used a 3D human body creator software to sculpt the body of the princess Leia figurine : Daz Studio. This very useful soft (free at first) is designed to create a simplified model which can be easily modified in Zbrush. Oh, great but what is Zbrush ? A new tooth brush brand ? No, be reassured, my friend I won’t let you blind. Zbrush is THE 3D sculpting software. Designed for organic sculpting at first, it is now used for almost anything you may need in 3D sculpting and illustration.

I had to be very subtle to find the so elegant pose of the beauty. the head of the princess is available on the net but only the Leia slave version. In addition, I had to remake the hair and give a dolly and younger touch to the princess and draw her a flickering smile.

I know.

Han Solo

Lost (in space) body

la sculpture des vêtements

Walking arround naked is good but wearing a little shirt may be usefull to hunt stormtroopers.

Things to do in the correct order :

  • Finding a 3D file of Solo’s gun
  • Sculpting the shirt and setting up realstic folds
  • Making the belt, accessories and the holster
  • Adding a pendant with the rebel emblem
  • Adding a stand looking like a Millenium Falcon’s container

From virtual to real

The best part when you make a 3D sculpt model is when the impalpable 3D model in your computer becomes a tangible thing in your fingers. We must realize that this tech revolution is just extraordinary. I’ll be considering the process, the DLP tech I use in more details later on.

In sum, the fig is sliced in a lot of 50 µm slices. Then, they are printed one after the other in a resin tray until the fig is done.

Assembly of the Princess Leia figurine

Une fois sortie du bac de résine, nettoyée de ses supports, il faut assembler chaque pièce de la figurine de la Princesse Leïa. Comme on le ferait avec une maquette traditionnelle. Pour cette statue tirée à de nombreux exemplaires, chaque partie fut confié à un mouleur pour en effectuer des tirages résines.

Every princess Leia figurine part must be assembled once they are out of the resin bath. As we could do it with a traditional model. Many copies of the statue have to be made so I used the services of a caster.

Paintjob and likeness

Clonage de princesse Leïa

At last, the last step and not the easiest one : painting the princess. Although the body and the accessories were not very tricky, the face required focused attention to enlife this pretty one, childish and adult at the same time.

la figurine de la Princesse Leïa finiee

This figurine of the princess Leia is still for sale, do not hesitate to contact me

by philigore