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  • DeLorean Eaglemoss Mark I

  • Back to the Future

The context

Back to the Future,
part I

Marty McFly is super cool : super hot girlfriend, super skateboard technique, super good with a guitar… But his family is a big failure : the father is a coward and a dumb, the mother is alcoholic, the uncle is in jail, the brother and the sister are a little idiotics…

Fortunatly, he has a good friend scientist, Emmet Brown, known as “Doc”. And maybe a little pedophile : what is a brilliant 71 years old scientist doing with a 17 years old kid who doesn’t have a sixth grade student’s level in physics ? What are they talking about ? What are they doing together when they meet ? How did they meet even though Tinder didn’t exist ? Well, I’m digressing…

So, Marty is super cool but anyway a little uncool. The best way to change this is of course to go back in time in a DeLorean car, a time machine created by Doc. By the way, the travel back in time of Marty is the result of a lybian terrorists’ attack for whom Doc had to make a bomb. Another time, another way : nowdays, Doc would have been incarcerated at Guantanamo and waterboarded every day. Amercian people, you are so good in naming : even your torture methods’ name sounds so cool. “Waterboarding”, it sounds like a surfing technique. So good you are.

Look, I for example, just by writing “terrorist”, “lybian”, “bomb” and “Gauantanamo” on WordPress, I already ear two big blond guys in black suit and black glasses ring my doorbell. So, Marty goes back in time (1955), scores with his mother, makes his father a so cool guy, invents Rock’n Roll.

At the end, he goes back in 1985 after a few electrical adventures based on gigowatts and finds out that his family is now hypercool. Moneyfull. What an ideology… By the way, all his passed life is erased and replaced by a life which is not his because he didn’t live it and has no memory of it. Many years of pschanalysis…

And the DeLorean in all this ? Rarely has a car filmed as well. Not only it allows the time travel, but it is a real character of the movie (and will be even more in the sequels). Its fixing is one of the two stroy lines of the movie (the other is to know how Marty will avoid having sex with his mother and become his own father… Err…)

It’s a real aesthetic success and a SF model collection could not be complete without it.

The project

DeLorean Eaglemoss - Rear view
  • Model : : DeLorean DMC
  • Maker : : Eaglemoss
  • First edition year : : 2017
  • Scale : : 1/8
  • Matter :: Aluminum, plastic

I wanted to make a DeLorean for years. Possibilities were not infinite. There is an acceptable Aoshima kit (reviewed in french by my friend Yvan West Laurence here) but when I learnt three years ago the publication of an “easy to do it yourself kit” from Eaglemoss including only 458 issues at the special price of 15$99 each, I didn’t hesitate one second. So this article is about the Delorean Eaglemoss assembly and of course, the result.

Full Metal Maquette

It’s been a while since I wanted to write this pun. Well I understand this is a french one but it’s hard to translate a pun. So be it. Indeed, the DeLorean Eaglemoss is metal made. Not a magnetic one, I had disappointments trying to use magnets for the fixing of some modified parts. I’d say it’s aluminum made or maybe some aluminium alloy.

Honnestly, I didn’t have many modifications to make. In fact I almost only had to follow the assembly use. I already made tyhe Millenium Falcon from De Agostini and there I had to do many modificatons. I will ony show you the few improvements I made, it will go fast, you will be in time for Jimmy Falon.

DeLorean Eaglemoss : no glue, only screws !

Creators’ choice : not a single glue spot to be used. The smallest part must be screwed on its stand. The result is very tiny screws but not tiny enough. At this scale, (1:8) a standard screw must be less than 1mm in diameter. So every apparent screws will give a false feeling about the scale. I had to hide them.

DeLorean Eaglemoss - hiding the screws

The screw masking is done with the sculpting putty Magic Sculpt placed inside the X of each screw. Once polymerized, the putty is silver painted. It gives the impression of a soldered joint r a rivet, more realistic at this scale. On the picture, you can see the result for the bindings of the metalic grids that protect the temporal flux emitters on each side of the car.

Every time I could, I replaced the screws by a glue point. It is the case for the tiniest elements of the passenger compartment. I used epoxy resin or cyano glue.

A little paint job

The parts provided in the kit during almost three years are really good stuff. They are pre-painted and there theorically nothing to do at this level. Pratically, I had to file the parting lines on the plastic parts. Consequently, I had to re-paint most of them.

I added a weathering on some parts. Doc Brown used salvage parts to improve his DeLorean, it is logical that they seem to have had hard times. On the picture below, you can see a rear vent after weathering :

DeLorean Eaglemoss - weathering

The underbody and the engine have also been strongly weathered. Many oil painting washes : black, brown, grey…

DeLorean Eaglemoss - engine weathering

The hook

The only real creation of my own is the power hook that Doc uses to inject the 1.21 GigaWatts of electrical power. The hook must come into contact with a cable linked with the city hall clock wich must be hit by a lightning bolt at a specific moment. This hook is not proided with the kit. I made it using an hollow brass rod at the end of which I attached the hook. The hook itself is a thin brass rod I bent :

DeLorean Eaglemoss - power hook
DeLorean Eaglemoss -power mast

The cable is a painted guitar string. I had also to design the unit that link the hook to the rest of the car. It is made with plastic card and painted with aluminium Alclad metallic paint :

DeLorean Eaglemoss - mast anchorage

DeLorean Eaglemoss exhibitions

For now, I have exhibited my deLorean only one time at the festival des Imaginaires du tonnerrois but I intend to show it again soon at Migennes or Cusset.

by petersteven