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Take control

Dear visitors, today is a great day for you : you can now take control on Fantastic Modelers. At least a little. I’ve brought many improvements to the site. First, it is now faster than ever, at last I’ve learnt to code correctly (and took a good host…). No more mourning waiting hours that images or videos be loaded.

Then, I added new features making the website jump right into the XXst century :

A search form

Here, just on the right. For example, if you look for naked women, it works : you jump on philigore’s sculptures. Or if you look for original works showing a non-conventional artist’s mastery, well you jump into my models.

A newsletter

It’s here for a year but now, a very irritating side popup non-stop invites you to subsrcibe to the newsletter. Well, if you are realy upset, all you have to do is to subscribe to stop that. Ond you can also send me insults via the form contact.

Be reassured, the newsletter is not abusive, no more than 17 mails a day with less than 8 viagra ads. You see, very reasonable.

A panel control

But first of all, a new panel control wich allows you to launch incredibely amazing animations. I let you play with it. Animations will change regularely, so you can see our creations as never before.

And a new diorama

It’s about the battle of Hoth. You can see this diorama by clicking on the image below :

Posted on 4 March 2021 by petersteven in Finished model, Site operation

bouton orange bouton bleu contour bouton

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