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Comics are now on Fantastic Modelers

Blake et Mortimer, the Yellow 'M' - top view

Fantasy and sci-fi, born during the XIXe century with famous writers like Mary Shelley, Bram Stocker, Maupassant, Jule Verne or H.G.Wells have always been on all artistic supports. The seventh art of course, first art on this website with many Star Wars and Star Trek topics but today Fantastic Modelers goes to comics, the ninth art.

So, let me show you my latest diorama from the French-Belgian comics : a representation of the Yellow ‘M’ cover, famous Blake and Mortimer’s adventure comic book.

The MI5 captain Blake and the professeur Mortimer are posing like on the book’s cover. They are in front of a huge red brick wall, next to a street lamp and a trash can. All these elements have been reproduced to bring this diorama to life.

I’m calling on you to go and see this article about the diorama which answers the question everyone wonder sonce 70 years : are Blake and Mortimer mating together ?

This new comics category will enrich with other art works. I intend to make :

Posted on 2 June 2020 by petersteven in Finished model

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