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Adopt a werewolf from Underworld

Hold onto your mouse, I remove your chair : philigore has just wrote an article. Yes, I know it’s crazy. I can’t believe it my self. He lied here, on his couch, with an empty look, mumbling incomprehensible words, drooling (well he’s not very young) onto a Power Rangers T-shirt he hadn’t replaced for months when suddenly he rose and shouted “tiens je vais faire un article !” (He doesn’t speak english). And that’s it, a wonderful article about an amazing werewolf sculpt from Twilight. Ow ! Sorry a “lycan” from the movie Underworld (I just got hit with a stick by philigore, well I liked him better when he was on his couch). It was worthwhile because he really surpassed himself.

Click here to see the complete sculpture

Our friend, the lycan



I know you are going to ask “what is a lycan ?” Well it’s a sort of pet a little demanding. Like a German shepherd cross-breed with a pitbull who would have eaten after midnight. The point is that he eats only once a month, during full moon. However he feeds only on human flesh, living human flesh most of the time. I shall not hide that it’s expensive. And administratively heavy. Dangerous animal, category 1 : statement to the county sherif, 8 mandatory vaccinations. And try to find a vet who can make them without being eaten…

However, he is way more dangerous in his human form. Indeed, he won’t never hesitate to :

  • spend 8 hours a day on his smartphone, mumbling “mmff” from time to time
  • spread glyphosat in his garden
  • vote for Trump
  • even worse : watching Jerry Springer on TV.

And it cannot be said that he’s affectionate. He always complains when there is no beer in the fridge and shouts at you when you iron his clothes too slowly.

So, adopt this animal only if you are passionate about.


Posted on 7 June 2018 by petersteven in Events, Finished model

bouton orange bouton bleu contour bouton

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