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Maquettes Star Wars

Liste maquettes

Gr-75 Medium Transport

The kit representing the GR-75 Medium Transport is a garage kit from Anigrand which is no more sold nowadays. It’s too bad. Since 2002, this brand from Hong Kong produces original kits that are inexplicably neglected by the “big ones” like Bandaï or Revell. For example we owe them an amazing imperial stardestroyer. Unfortunatly, it […]

BTL-A4 Y-Wing

In the Star Wars saga, the BTL- Y-Wing alliance fighter serves as a stooge to cast a favorable light on the X-Wing. It is the loser of the story. Its clumsy design, its “visible guts” make it even more old and worn out. This thankless role seduced me and I absolutely wanted to have it […]

X-Wing T65

I’m offering you not only one X-Wing T65 but two ! Well, when I say “I’m offering”, it’s a figure of speech, I mean I’m offering you photos of two X-Wing because the ships are mine in fact… These two starfighters will be included in a huge diorama of the rebel fleet just before the […]


The name of the kit “Cruciform fighter” and no “B-Wing“may be surprising. Well, it’s a “garage kit”, that means a resin kit produced in very low numbers ; my bank manager still remembers the day I bought it… Those kits are non-licenced products and can’t have a licenced name, making them even more difficult to […]