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  • avatar neytiri sculpt
  • avatar neytiri sculpt
  • avatar neytiri sculpt
  • Neytiri

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The movie

neytiri avatar


When the James Cameron movie “Avatar” was released late 2009, I fell totally in love with the beautiful Neytiri.

I was so fascinated by the magnificent native that I decided to realise a 1:6 scale bust of her. About fifteen copies have been molded for a few collectors.

The sculpt

Neytiri avatar sculpt
Neytiri avatar sculpt

After I gathered many pictures of the character (photos from the net, screenshots etc.), I began the sculpture. The 1:6 scale allowed to make a highly detailed but not too huge piece (otherwise the buyers would have find the model cost-prohibitive). The base is made of a tree trunk sculpt with a few typical stuff of the Pandora flora and fauna.

The sculpture was made with the “super sculpey” clay. Once this phase achieved, the bust has been molded with silicon and the first copies were created. Last but not least : the paint job. Neytiri seems very simple at first look but her speckled skin and her jewels needed a huge precision work.

In order to respect the character as closely as possible, a phosphoresent paint was used to recreate the white dots that suit so delicately the surface of her skin. The final touch was to make the eyes with transparent resin in order to breathe life into the beautiful native.

by philigore