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Diorama technics

This page shows you a few useful tricks to realize a diorama. It is not a complete tutorial like those you can easily find on the net, the purpose is simply to show quickly what can be done. For more complete tutos, follow the links ‘creation partners‘ on the front page.

The ground base

pots d'enduit

Making the ground of a diorama is quite simple. The plaster comes most easily to mind but it’s most often a bad choice. The plaster is easily breakable and doesn’t stick to anything, especially wood. Besides, the plaster dries very quickly, you have less than 5 minutes to work with. I usually prefer to use filling coat. Of course filling coasts are made of plaster but also adhesives and retarders that give time to work. The lunar ground of the Eagle Transporter has been made this way.

Diorama structure

structure diorama geonosis

Most of the time, the structure is made of recycled wood, you have to learn how to handle woodworking tools. If you need a volume, you can take whatever you find : polystyrene packaging amterial, rubble, polyurethan foam etc. The support rods are generally put in place at this stage to insure their sturdiness. The picture represents the begining of the ‘Battle of Geonosis‘ diorama you can see by clicking on the link.