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  • Phil y Ghore (his real name) is a genius multifaceted artist.

    Nothing can be told about his unremarkable childhood without falling into a very very boring speech. Let’s just say that his name and appearence lead him to be interested in zombies and others living deads very early. From the Frankenstein creature to the walkers from The Walking Dead, including the Alien xenomorph, the more it drips, flaps and bleeds, the happier he is. His favorite dessert is the bilberry pudding, which goes to show !

    Art school student from 1957 to 1994, he there finds out his second great passion : naked women. During one of these famous nude sessions, he finds his life’s work : sculpting naked eviscerated women. The combination of these two passions lead him to realize the most astonashing artworks.

    Doesn’t matter if they are blue, guts out or smiling like a sunshine : their realism is always breathtaking. Well, he doesn’t only make girls, we often find him sculpting awful monsters, paintting disgusting creatures, modeling abominable abominations… Let’s be fair play. Nobody like him knows how to catch the essence of a glazed look, the texture of a herpetic skin or the poetry of a bloody colon.

    As I said in the introduction, philigore is a multifaceted artist. In addition to sculpture, he often wears amazing costumes he designs himself : 13th Friday’s Jason or Underworld lycans are gripping examples. He shares this passion with his daughter and their exhibition during conventions are always noteworthy.

    At last, his abilities extends to graphics in genral, 2D and 3D. For example h realized the design of the Fantastic Modelers website which will be a landmark in the web History (errr…) and many personal artworks also made from naked women and dermatogical problems.

    Philigore is a joyful fellow which is wellworth discovering and seen during exhibitions. We hope that we’ll se you there as soon as possible.