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  • petersteven is no ordinary artist.

    He never spent days painting orange does on a purple sunset. He has never been a talented sculptor except with his bogeys when he was five but it doesn’t creally count.


    No, what petersteven loves is Star Wars with its big starships doing « vrouuummmm » and « pfiiiiiiiuuuuuu », its lightsabers banging together doing « wouuuu » and « tzzzzinnngggg », its visually impaired stormtroopers, its asthmatic vilain showing off with his Barry Whits’s voice and his 2 meters tall, his spotty hero in pyjamas just going down its intergalactic moped, its greeny Jedi spending his retirement in a swamp etc.

    Petersteven, like Peter Parker has been jabbed by an atomic spider calles Star Wars when he was young. He ate so much gamorrean guards and Jabbas that he completley lost his mind. For example, he loved episode VII. Yes, you read it. No please don’t throw him stones. And it is also pointless to insult him by mail, he doesn’t still have enough time to read the ones he already received since the movie releasing.

    But this huge Star Wars  and sci-fi passion (he sleeps in Millenium Falcon bed… and force his wife to dress up like pirncess Leia every week ends) inspired and strengthened him.

    His huge “Trench Run” diorama is one the fan-made artwork that impressed me the most. You can find out how it was made on this site but seeing it in real life would leave you quite astonished. It shows so much details and life… An artwork worthy of a museum.

    His abilities ? His precision, meticulousness, ingenuity and his electronical knowledge wich allows him to light up his models with talent.

    petersteven is one of this great modeling artist, his ambitious projects are always achieved with talent.

    Et vu ce qu’il a encore dans ses tuyaux, je vous conseille de prévoir le collyre et les mouchoirs car ça risque de vous défoncer la rétine…

    And with what he already have in mind, I’ll advise you to have a few eyewash and a handkerchief in your pocket if you don’t want to have your retina torn appart.