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Modeling technics

This page shows you a few useful technics to build a model. It is not a complete tutorial like those you can easily find on the net, the purpose is simply to show quickly what can be done. For more complete tutos, follow the links ‘creation partners‘ on the front page.

The glues

colles maquette

To build a model, you have to use glue. I know, it’s crazy… What glue should you choose ? In fact, it depends on the material your model is made of. If your model is made of polystyree (most of them are), you will use dissolution glue sold in a hobby store. If your model is made of resin, only one choice available : bond glue like cyanocrylate (known as “Superglue”). For huge surfaces, you will use neoprene. And if all that don’t work, joker : white wood glue. Doesn’t glue very much but glue anything, very useful for transparent parts.