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BTL-A4 Y-Wing

In the Star Wars saga, the BTL- Y-Wing alliance fighter serves as a stooge to cast a favorable light on the X-Wing. It is the loser of the story. Its clumsy design, its “visible guts” make it even more old and worn out. This thankless role seduced me and I absolutely wanted to have it […]

X-Wing T65

I’m offering you not only one X-Wing T65 but two ! Well, when I say “I’m offering”, it’s a figure of speech, I mean I’m offering you photos of two X-Wing because the ships are mine in fact… These two starfighters will be included in a huge diorama of the rebel fleet just before the […]


The name of the kit “Cruciform fighter” and no “B-Wing“may be surprising. Well, it’s a “garage kit”, that means a resin kit produced in very low numbers ; my bank manager still remembers the day I bought it… Those kits are non-licenced products and can’t have a licenced name, making them even more difficult to […]

RZ-1 A-Wing

In the orginal trilogy, the rebel alliance can field four starfighters type. Between the old BTL-A4 Y-Wing put into active duty during the Clone War and the new B-Wing, the famous multipurpose fighter X-Wing T65 and the fast light starfighter RZ-1 A-Wing can be seen. Maybe it’s not the most interesting design of the saga […]