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De Agostini Millennium Falcon

Contrary to what people may think, making a Millennium Falcon model is not very difficult. In addition to the pure technique, choices you have to do when you are making a model can make things much harder. A wrong choice can ruin an achievement. None of that for the Falcon, there are dozens of Millenum […]

Mon Calamari Cruiseur

The Mon Calamari Cruiser Liberty is recognizible by its two wings. They are distributed on both side of the hull… as usual you may say… … Well if you intend to be unpleasant like that, no thanks ! … Where did I left off before being rusely interrupted by myself ? Oh yes : anyway, […]

Blockade Runner

This model of the Blockade Runner (called “Rebel Runner” by Bluemoon for licensing reasons) is a collection of resin blocks hard to assemble. It’s a garage kit pretty hard to find nowadays and at very high prices, making the price of the new i-phone 43X-27 ridiculous. Like the GR-75 Medium Transport or the Stardestroyer, you […]

Gr-75 Medium Transport

The kit representing the GR-75 Medium Transport is a garage kit from Anigrand which is no more sold nowadays. It’s too bad. Since 2002, this brand from Hong Kong produces original kits that are inexplicably neglected by the “big ones” like Bandaï or Revell. For example we owe them an amazing imperial stardestroyer. Unfortunatly, it […]