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Battle of Takodana

Since the first viewing of the movie, this battle of Takodana scene have alerted my model maker’s sixth sense. Quite annoying by the way. Everey time I watch a SF or war movie, I have hard time to go into the story itself. My mind can’t resist analyzing decors and vehicules ; I always wonder […]


This “Sullust” diorama has been in my mind for a long time. I often say that to introduce a subject because I find that very class. Like I was a “tortured artist” or somehing like that… Sullust, so, why this title ? I like very well mysterious titles. For example, my ther big diorama, the […]

Battle of Geonosis

The diorama presents the two kind of gunship used by the Republic during the battle of Geonosis flying over a typical landscape of the planete : a rocky esplanade sprinkled by high rocky peaks. I pared down the scene on purpose, allowing the public to focus on the models. And then, the work was easier […]

Trench run

This diorama named “trench run” represents a Death Star cross-section, as if we had extracted a slice. The scene takes place a few seconds before Han Solo onboard the Millenium Falcon hits a Vader’s wingman, leaving Luke free to blow up the station. The “Trench run” genesis I was thirteen when the idea of this […]